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With 4 kids to raise alone, our house was always full. Add that to a 35-year Nursing career, and there are many stories I'd like to tell. I cherish each one

Sometimes, Baseball is the first fork in the road between Mom and son


As a child, Greg was small for his age; always the short guy, but he had a big personality centered on humor. As he grew older, he acquired the gift of compassion. When he was six, he looked four. Greg was a little blonde-haired boy that gave his all…

A great many of our State and US Representatives and Senators have strayed far from truly governing. They are playing the game of power and money accumulation instead.

Some stupidly believe in a culture that has distracted them and their colleagues from genuinely representing their constituents’ needs and desires. Believe it or not, many of them have essentially joined a cult and deliberately have begun to disrupt the government. Their actions demonstrate a willingness to change our country…

Years ago, I was working in a PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly). I loved the program and the patients. I thought it was the very best way the elderly could obtain a wide range of services in an otherwise fractured healthcare system. Each level of care, be…

We remember these days

It was a Sunday morning, a crisp, clear day in September just before school started for the year. I got out of bed at five am to walk to Linda’s house to ride horses with her. I thought about school and wondered what it would be…

I read the Bible,

Hear the preacher say,

Daniel and the Lions,

Part the Red Sea.

Blind who see,

Lame who walk.

What are miracles today?

See ’em every day,

Television and Internet.

Are miracles different for each?

Beliefs, experiences unique,

Could be.

When only faith was left,

What I needed was given to me,

She didn’t know my needs.

Someone develops faith,

Where there was none,

Life-changing experience.

Stories that gave me faith,

Filled my heart with love,

Not what I was praying for at all.

Old and sick,

Need to be touched and heard,

Cries when comfort comes.

Does the giver notice,

Recognize the blessing?

Is it a miracle when,

30-year-old prayers come to fruition,

They grew to understand,

Dropped their resistance?

Maybe the miracle comes when we finally take no for an answer.

It may be a miracle that we believe in miracles at all.

Adventures are supposed to be fun. This one was one to remember!

Free from Pexels

Suzanne was going to take her niece, “Sweetie-pie” (Julia), and nephew, “Big Bud” (Irwin), to a farm for their birthdays; they were August babies, Sweetie-Pie, 5, and Big Bud, 4. They had asked to go see animals at a farm; it would be easy; they just wanted to see chickens…

Photo by bib Ziegler from Pexels

At home with the sweeties

Tillie and Dorrie could tell it was time to take their place in the “when the staff leaves” area. They went into the bathroom hall and sat, waiting for the gate. The gate could be nudged and fall with a loud BANG and scare them! It was really a psychological…

Thanks to Jonathan-rados Unsplash

At LOVE, Inc. I met a Dad (52) and his son (22) living in their car. They were genuinely destitute, collecting cans from the trash for food and gas every day. They had no health insurance and multiple medically severe problems for John and mental health problems for the son…

Get out of the way and let the experts run the show. At this point, he's only there to siphon off all the money he can, and get revenge on those who drank the Kool-aid and broke away from the cult. Those who grasped the truth- they're in big trouble.

Know-It-All Administrator

Photo by Alec Favale on Unsplash

It was 1989, and I was in charge of 13 home health agencies in the Pacific Northwest. I looked around on the plane and realized I would be the only passenger on the flight to San Louis Obispo. One passenger, two pilots, a rough…

Sherry Stoneback

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